Hello, good day and welcome to Jerky 101.  

This site was born out of an idea I had on a camping trip.  I was out with a small group – a few close friends who I have known for years, and then someone new.  One of my friends was about to get married – the trip was his send off, and new guy was his soon to be brother in law, joining us, a group of friends who had known each other for 15 plus years for a little step out into the woods.  

I didn’t know much about the new brother in law, but once we got out on trip, I found him to be an extremely capable outdoorsman, who had camped the whole span of Canada, from northern Yukon to Southern Ontario, from Saint John’s to the foothills of the Rocky mountains.  Very capable.  He was a good guy, and as part of his prep, he had brought a number of different trail snacks to be shared on the trip, including two different flavors of beef jerky.  

In our rush to get out on trail,we almost didn’t bring any of his snacks along – we were obsessed about cutting pack weight and wanted to leave his snacks behind.  He just kind of quietly said, “no worries, I’ll just carry it myself.”

So the jerky came and thank goodness we had it.  We ate it on portages, we nibbled on it around the fire at night, and once after 24 hours of hard rain, we ate jerky and Pilot bread huddles under a blue tarp for three meals straight.  It was a balm for our sore muscles, a comfort for our growling bellies, and a savory bit of goodness that stood out from all of the bland pastas, chilis and stews that we hosed down relentlessly with Tobasco sauce.

And so all of this got me thinking – I want more jerky in my life, not less.  I want to find great recipes and share them.  I want to vet terrible recipes and help people avoid them.  More than anything I want to make some jerky that damn tasty and give it all away to friends, because that’s the best part.  Here we go.